Solar Energy Technologies

SETSolar Energy Technologies (SET) is advancing environmentally clean fuel (solar-hydrogen) and water purification technologies to mitigate climate change. We have the potential to deliver the following technologies in high need for the community:

  • solar materials which are photosensitive oxide semiconductors for solar energy conversion which are competitive with silicon;
  • devices for solar–hydrogen – environmentally friendly energy;
  • water purification without oxidants which produces high quality water using solar energy. The group's work offers solar energy to convert sewage into drinking water.

The SET has a strong international position in solar-driven water splitting and water purification, as evidenced by members' presence on expert panels and editorial boards, and awards from the International Association for Hydrogen Energy and the Institute for Materials, Minerals and Mining (London), for outstanding solar energy publications.

The SET coordinates the International Network on Solar-Hydrogen, which includes the International Association for Hydrogren Energy, Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology, Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, Hemholz Centre Berlin and the University of Oslo.

The research of this team fits clearly within the Nanotechnology research theme and the emerging Ecological Landscapes theme, which has a major sustainability and environment thrust. Leigh Sheppard and Maria Nowotny will be based at the Hawkesbury Campus, where we see the future growth of the research, and where much of our existing activity in the broad area of sustainability is centred. Janusz Nowotny and Tadeusz Bak will have offices and research space at Campbelltown Campus.