c4SMC Researchers Present Papers at the 8th World Construction Symposium in Colombo, Sri Lanka

impact of fly ash on concrete grades
blockchain as a project management platform
typologies of offsite construction
technologies usage in construction and waste management

Centre researchers; Navodana Rodrigo, Samudaya Nanayakkara, Buddhini Ginigaddara, and Shiyamini Rathnasabhapathy along with Centre academics presented their research papers at the 8th World Construction Symposium in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The papers cover a wide array of research focus; carbon emissions, waste management, blockchain and offsite construction. Western Sydney University is an Associate Partner of the conference and allows researchers to showcase their findings in front of an international audience. Feedback and review comments received during the three-stage review process is a valuable opportunity for the researchers to improve their research skills. WCS 2019 proceedings are included in Scopus and available at https://2019.ciobwcs.com/papers (opens in a new window)