C4SMC March 2020 Newsletter

C4SMC March 2020 Newsletter

The quarterly Newsletter of the c4SMC captures significant events, announcements, achievements and industry engagements related to the centre.   Click here for the full newsletter-March 2020.

Message from the Director of c4SMC

It is with great pleasure that I share the achievements and significant influences our researchers have made on both the academia and construction industry since our last quarterly news update. c4SMC was established in August 2017 as an industry collaboration initiative, embracing smart technologies and processes in delivering a modern construction industry.

The ongoing research projects at the centre are industry focused and addresses essential current subjects such as sustainability, supply chain management, performance improvement, Industry 4.0 infused disruption, skills prediction, and the implementation of technological advancements. Our researchers take the discourse beyond the university and into site and industry via roundtables, industry forums, conferences, publications and international presentations. The influence of the c4SMC has been recognised by both local and international construction arena with awards and accolades. Our achievements are made possible with the generous financial and advisory support given to us by the Centre collaborators. I take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone, including our generous industry partners, who have been a part of our success story. In response to COVID-19 the University has transitioned fully into remote learning and working. We expect this remote working capability will be in place for some time. While we’re sad not to be alongside our team in the same physical location, and miss meeting our supporters face to face, we’re busily adapting our 2020 program to fit our “new” business as usual and look forward to sharing some new initiatives after Easter. Please reach out at any time, and stay safe and well.

Professor Srinath Perera, Director, c4SMC

Message from the Dean of School of Built Environment

Ushering in a New Era - School of Built Environment

As the Dean of School of Built Environment, I am very pleased that the c4SMC is a Centre in our newly formed School. The School of Built Environment is home to three key professional disciplines of Architecture, Construction Management, and Industrial Design. Furthermore, the school facilitates academic and research programs related to disciplines of Project Management, Building Design Management, Quantity Surveying, and Building Surveying as well as professional areas of Fire Safety Engineering and Bushfire Protection. The School has an outstanding track record in externally funded nationally competitive as well as state based research projects. We are proud to announce that the c4SMC, which underpins its research through an outstanding number of co-funded doctoral students, is becoming well recognised in the Australian and international research community.

I am pleased to congratulate the Centre on its high engagement with industry and the outcome of practical and applied research of which there are numerous awards and accolades. The students are making valuable contributions and will eventually impact the industry in so many profound ways into the future. The close relationship between the industry and the students is a credit to the industry partners, the students and the staff. I wish to thank all the Centre contributors and industry collaborators for their continued support. I particularly wish to congratulate Prof. Srinath Perera for his leadership and I am looking forward to seeing innovative research that responds to both the new School and the interdisciplinary challenges that are being presented to us through the Covid-19 pandemic. My heartfelt thanks to the students for their energy and passion and all the supervisors who support them in their endeavours. I wish you all health and happiness in these challenging times.

Professor Kerry London, Dean School of Built Environment

Upcoming Events

c4SMC Roundtable Rescheduled

Due to COVID-19, the c4SMC Roundtable scheduled for 28th April 2020 will be held on 15th September 2020.

The Joining up Construction Conversation Roundtable is a bi-annual discussion forum organised by the c4SMC to foster greater levels of engagement and collaboration between construction industry stakeholders and academia. The September 2020 Roundtable theme will be Sustainability through Digitalisation. 

This interactive event will cover two aspects of Blockchain and Sustainability: research related to Blockchain in construction; and sustainability in building and construction. It will look at some technology-inspired ways to improve construction industry performance, while facilitating environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Moving towards a more sustainable construction industry is a goal long voiced equally by industry and academia around the globe. Certainly, the environmental, social and economic impact of construction is large and sometimes irreversible.

In Australia, at a time of accelerating climate-change controversy, actions related to sustainable construction strategies are essential. In the era of Industry 4.0, making use of advanced technology in the construction industry can potentially support all three aspects of sustainability. It is anticipated that digitalisation of the construction industry with technologies such as Blockchain, will enable the adoption of smarter, safer and more sustainable future practices.

c4SMC to conduct 'Community of Practice' Roundtable for NSW Building Commissioner

c4SMC is conducting a Community of Practice Roundtable event late in 2020, on behalf of the office of NSW Building Commissioner. On 29th January 2020, Professor Srinath Perera met with David Chandler OAM, and representatives from Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS), Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) had the initial discussion about this event.

Valuable insights were exchanged across the current industry expectations in relation to the roles of Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers.

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