Australian Housing Supply Chain Alliance (AHSCA)

AHSCA involves stakeholders of the Australian housing industry who have the capacity and willingness to commit to being change agents for the sector to address industry challenges.

The core members of the alliance include; market leaders and innovators in the housing industry, industry associations, government as clients and/or regulators and universities.

The Alliance seeks to develop strategies to enable urban transformation in the Australian residential construction industry throughout the entire development chain.

Using rigorous research we suggest industry changes that will translate into improved delivery efficiencies, enhanced built form quality, increased capacity, whilst maintaining or enhancing sustainability.

Critical areas of research focus include:

  1. Cultural change
  2. Supply chain management
  3. Innovative products and processes


  • Western Sydney University: Professor Kerry London
  • Frasers Property: Mr Michael Meehan
  • Metricon Homes: Mike Castles
  • FMG Engineering: Peter Bayetto
  • Victorian Building Authority: vacant
  • Master Builders Association Victoria: Phil Alviano
  • Housing Industry Association Australia: Simon Croft
  • Boral: Charlie Condo
  • CSR: Angus Kell

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  • Efficient construction: analysis of integrated supply chains for innovative off site housing manufacturing (ARC Linkage LP140100106, $513 385). Led by Prof. Kerry London, this project does not go over old ground about the potential benefits of off site manufacturing, nor does it launch into motherhood statements about transforming the housing sector. Instead five very different case studies were explored to understand what makes for success. The project’s main premise is that the success of OSM implementation depends on enabling industry collaboration for such innovations across the entire supply chain. The rigorous analysis has resulted in the development of training materials that link OSM success with enabling collaborative practices and training framework.
  • Rethinking housing: actor network analysis for digital collaboration (ARC Discovery DP180101178, $443 188). The ARC Discovery Project "Rethinking Housing", led by Prof. Kerry London, analyses digital collaborative practices that address complex, interlocking challenges in the housing sector. These challenges include problems in efficiency, supply, sustainability, appropriateness and quality. The study will build capabilities of housing professionals. Improved capability will enable better policy and practice decision making by stakeholders on challenges plaguing the sector. Other benefits include a more professional workforce, increased competitiveness, higher quality housing stock and over the longer term, a better quality of life.