Areas of Expertise and Consultancy

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics has a strong multi-disciplinary structure and focus. Teaching areas include:

  • civil/structural engineering
  • computer sciences
  • computer/mechanical/electrical and telecommunications engineering
  • computing/IT support/information technology
  • construction technology and construction management
  • industrial design
  • mathematical finance
  • mechatronics and signal processing
  • statistics.


The School offers highly specialised and professional advice delivered to industry, corporate, community and government clients from academic staff in the School facilitated by the Research Engagement, Development & Innovation Team (REDI).

The REDI team at the Western Sydney University is focussed on establishing external linkages and identifying partnership opportunities for commercial research, professional consultancy, access to intellectual property and expertise; commercialisation; intellectual property; and access to cutting edge facilities. REDI facilitates all of these activities by matching appropriate resources to deliver projects and initiatives with business, government and the community.

REDI connects business, community and government with Western Sydney University. We invite you to discuss your business needs with a representative of REDI.  Their team of dedicated business support professionals are available to discuss your specific needs and interests. For information on research and consultancy services, assistance in finding a specialist to meet your particular needs, information on current commercialisation opportunities, access to specialist facilities and analyses, or just to discuss partnership opportunities contact:

Email:            Contact: (02) 9685 9800

Services include:

  • engineering consulting and research capabilities aimed at identifying practical and efficient solutions to clients' needs across the main disciplines of construction technology, engineering and industrial design
  • providing expert assessments of products, procedures and/or design criteria in the fields of construction (civil/structural) works along with providing new product support in the form of structural assessment and development performance
  • assessments beyond the structural requirements are also possible with experts in materials, electronics and industrial design applications
  • professional advice on mathematical and statistical techniques via Maths and Stats Consulting, and on all aspects of computer forensics including expert witness services


The School provides an extensive range of independent testing, monitoring and consulting services. It is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for conducting research in various engineering fields including civil/structural, electrical, mechatronics and signal processing. The School has a particular emphasis on the construction and manufacturing industries and works in close partnership with industry-based clients in developing new products and processes to improve efficiency and costs.

Capabilities include:

  • Electronic markets and electronic business transactions such as future trading environments, multi-attribute negotiation and business networks
  • Online virtual worlds
  • Intelligent information systems, notably multi-agent systems, case-based reasoning, artificial intelligence technologies, knowledge management and collaborative business processes
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Health informatics – or 'e-health' – including telemedicine

Expert advice is also available on:

  • Selecting appropriate analytical mathematical and statistical methods
  • The full range of statistical and data mining approaches
  • The application of mathematical techniques
  • A diverse range of computer programs
  • Interpretation and presentation of results
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Various analytics