Staff Research Interests

Researchers & HDR Supervisors


Research Interests

Attard, CatherinePrimary mathematics pedagogy; Technology; Engagement; Teacher professional learning

Barker, Katrina

Motivation and engagement; positive learning environments and behavior management; inclusive education; mixed method research design

Berger Nathan

STEM education; educational psychology; aspirations; equity; quantitative research

Clarke, Maggie

Professional development/learning, mentoring, portfolio development, curriculum development, authentic assessment; communities of practice

Cole David R.

Literacies; globalisation; critical thinking; philosophy of education; Deleuze

D'warte, Jacqueline

Qualitative research; ethnographic methods; language and literacy research; in school research; equity; sociocultural learning theory

Ferfolja, Tania  

Sexualities; gender and sexuality diversity; discrimination; curriculum and policy analysis; pre-service teacher education; equity and social justice issues

Gannon, Susanne

Gender; (in)equity; poststructural/Posthuman theories; innovative qualitative methodologies; writing pedagogies; secondary schooling; teachers' work; leadership

Gray, Tonia

International education

Hanham, Jose  

Collaborative learning; friendship; instructional design; cognitive load theory; problem-solving; mentoring; juvenile justice; multilevel analysis; observation analysis; experimental design

Holmes, Kathryn

STEM education; mathematics education; teacher education; quantitative methods; aspirations; equity

Knijnik, Jorge

Gender; multiculturalism; physical education; sports education; critical theory; South America

Kovtun Jana  

Mathematics education; early childhood/lower primary; teachers' knowledge and beliefs; pedagogical potential; tangible resources

Mary Mooney

Creative practice; positive learning environments; drama/arts – education, curriculum online, performance; effective teaching pedagogy; qualitative methods

Naidoo, Loshini

Refugees; diaspora; migrant; aspiration; transnationalism; indigenous

Orlando, Joanne

Technology; pedagogy; change; equity; social

Parada, Roberto

School bullying; mental health in schools; positive learning environments; intervention evaluation; psychometric development

Reid, Carol

Young people and equity in education; multiculturalism and cosmopolitan theory; ethnography; comparative education; racialization; teachers' work' refugee settlement

Sanagavarapu, Prathyusha

Transition to school; transition to university; psychosocial impacts of children's food allergy; children's and families' wellbeing; flipped/digital teaching-learning and metacognitive self-regulation

Sawyer, Wayne

Pedagogy in low SES school settings; secondary English curriculum; curriculum history in English; effective teaching; teacher research

Sivapalan, Subarna

Education for sustainable development; engineering education; transformative learning; teaching and learning in higher education; mixed methods research; qualitative research

Tan, Lynde

New literacies; digital literacies; ethnography; language education; multimodality; technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK)

Truong, Son

Health and physical education; international education; outdoor education; service learning; sustainability; wellbeing

Ullman, Jacqueline

Gender and sexuality; social marginalization; mixed-methods; survey research; curriculum and policy analysis; motivation and engagement

Vass, Eva

Socio-cultural theorizing and research; collaborative learning; creativity and imagination; embodied learning; dialogic pedagogies; classroom ethnography and observational research

Ward, Kumara

Experiential nature and arts education; nature, place and mindfulness for affective intra-action

Watkins, Megan

Multicultural education; pedagogy; affect; habit; spatiality; literacy; Bourdieu

Wright, David

Social ecology; creative practice; transformation; reflection; educational alternatives