Welcome to the Western Sydney University Secondary Professional Experience Program.

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

The Western Sydney University Secondary Professional Experience Program is integral to the preparation of future teachers enrolled in the Master of Teaching (Secondary). Our induction of Pre-service Secondary Teachers into the profession is undertaken through 60 days of supervised practicum within the subjects Secondary Professional Experience 1 (TEAC 7154) and Secondary Professional Experience 2 (TEAC 7155) . During this induction, the School of Education and partner schools work collaboratively to develop Pre-service Secondary Teachers' skills that enable them to demonstrate the attainment of Graduate Teaching Standards.

Pre-service Secondary Teachers initially engage with their placement school through an induction day during which they orient themselves to their placement. They engage in structured learning experiences with the goal of understanding the learning environment and key stakeholders with whom they will interact. Following this orientation, Mentor teachers undertake the day-to-day development of Pre-service Secondary Teachers and are supported in this role by the University Advisors who also work closely with the Pre-service Secondary Teachers helping them to articulate and realise the goals of the professional experience.

Throughout Secondary Professional Experience 1 and Secondary Professional Experience 2. Pre-service Secondary Teachers develop knowledge and skills that are assessed by the Mentor teachers against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and reported on formally. By the conclusion of the second period of Professional Experience Pre-service Secondary Teachers would have demonstrated competence against the seven standards of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and upon completion of the Master of Teaching (Secondary) can apply for accreditation as a Graduate Teacher in New South Wales as well as other states of Australia.

Please refer to Professional Experience Handbook

Information on the Professional Teaching Standards, please see the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) .

Secondary Professional Experience 1 – TEAC7154

The aims of Secondary Professional Experience 1 is to enable pre-service teachers to proactively engage in real-life educational settings to learn and enhance their professional development as a future teacher. This subject provides the opportunity to explore the relationship between practical and theoretical knowledge of teaching. This subject will provide you with an opportunity to explore ranges of learning activities that occurs inside and outsides the classrooms and the roles of the teaching and non-teaching staff within the school. Through ongoing observation, supervised teaching and contribution in the wider school community, the subject ensures pre-service teachers work towards the achievement of the national standards for a graduate teacher.

PPCE – Professional Practice Community Engagement - TEAC7108

Professional Practice Community Engagement is a Professional Experience subject of the Master of Teaching (Secondary), incorporating a five-day or 30 hours academic service-learning placement and is designed to develop sustainable practical knowledge and skills that supplement those developed in the other Professional Experience units. This subject will expand Teacher Education students' understandings of the contemporary issues confronting the wider education community. As such, a diverse range of educational settings including secondary school contexts are utilised to provide a deeper perspective for future secondary teachers beyond curriculum matters, and to facilitate engagement with holistic schooling practices. Teacher Education students choose from the available educational contexts to suit their needs, interests, expertise and communities.

Secondary Professional Experience 2 – TEAC7155

Secondary Professional Experience 2 is a final capstone subject in the Master of Teaching course. The aim of this subject is to enable education students to proactively engage in real-life educational settings to learn and enhance their professional development as a future teacher. Pre-service teachers will also have the opportunity to reflect on the teaching and learning cycle and refine competencies as a beginning teacher under the supervision of qualified educators. This subject includes the TPA (Teaching Performance Assessment) which is designed to assess Teacher Education Students teaching as measured by the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Graduate level.