Professional Experience Primary Program

Welcome to The Western Sydney University Primary Professional Experience Program.

As part of the Master of Teaching (Primary) program, Pre-service Teachers undertake two in-school placements; Professional Practice 1 (PPP1) - unit  TEAC1574 and Professional Practice 2 (PPP2) - unit TEAC1575.

The Professional Experience Primary Program (PPP1 and PPP2) provide opportunities for Pre-service Teachers to engage with teaching in a supportive and collegial environment and to develop their skills with the assistance of their Supervising Teacher (Classroom Teachers) in real time, within the school setting.

Professional experience builds on the knowledge gained at University, as Pre-service Teachers observe the educational theories and practices as they occur in the classroom setting. They learn about, and learn to, use a range of teaching strategies to engage students as well as put into practice learning about assessment, classroom management and many other facets of teachers' work.

The University and schools work collaboratively to provide a quality professional experience for Pre-service Teachers. During the professional experience, Supervising Teachers undertake the day-to-day professional development of Pre-service Teachers and are supported in this role by the University Advisors who work closely with both Supervising Teachers and Pre-service Teachers.

Throughout the professional experience, Pre-service Teachers work towards achieving the Graduate standards contained in the Professional Standards for Teachers. It is expected that by the end of their second Professional Experience (Professional Practice 2: PPP2) Pre-service teachers will demonstrate their attainment of these standards and following completion of the teacher education course, be able to be accredited as a Graduate Teacher by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

More information on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, can be found on either the NESA (opens in a new window) or AITSL (opens in a new window) websites.

Further information about the Professional Experience Primary Program can be found in the Professional Practice Handbooks, which can be found via the links below: