Early Childhood

Welcome to the Early Childhood Professional Experience Program

Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 years / Birth - 12 years)

The Early Childhood Professional Experience Program is an integral component of the Master of Teaching (Birth –5 Years / Birth – 12 Years), providing Pre-service Teachers (PSTs) with opportunities to explore the relationship between theoretical understandings and practical teaching skills.

One of the unique characteristics of professional experience in the Early Childhood Program is the strong focus on developing communities of practice where Pre-service Teachers, Supervising Teachers and University Advisors share professional understandings and support one another's professional learning.

The Professional Experience Program provides opportunities for Pre-service Teachers to develop their professional skills in a supportive and collegial environment where they are able to observe the day to day practices in early childhood settings and schools and learn to use a range of teaching techniques that engage children and support their investigation, problem solving and critical thinking across the curriculum.

In the Early Childhood Program, we work collaboratively with early childhood and school settings to ensure quality experiences for Pre-service Teachers. Throughout Professional Experience, Supervising Teachers undertake the day to day mentoring and professional development of Pre-service Teachers. They are supported in this role by University Advisors who meet regularly with Pre-service Teachers and maintain ongoing contact with the Supervising Teacher.

The Early Childhood Professional Experience Program meets the professional practice requirements of the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), under the Education and Care Services national legislation.

Throughout the Early Childhood Professional Experience Program Pre-service Teachers are working towards effectively implementing the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia – Principles and Practices , and for those wishing to work in schools, the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

For more information, please refer to the relevant Handbook here.

Early Childhood (EC) Professional Experience Birth – 2 Years – TEAC7104

The subject is a core subject for the Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years / Birth-12 Years) and contributes to the meeting of professional experience requirements for early childhood teaching. This subject has a strong focus on supporting children’s health and wellbeing through the building of relationships with children, staff, and children’s families.

Pre-service Teachers have the opportunity to document and assess children’s learning and to apply knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy to plan innovative and engaging learning experiences that respond to children’s family and community experiences and funds of knowledge.

Early Childhood (EC) Professional Experience 3 – 5 Years – TEAC7103 

In this subject, Pre-service Teachers engage in critical reflection as they apply knowledge of and develop skills in pedagogical leadership during a 25-day placement with children aged 3 – 5 years. Pre- service Teachers will work collaboratively with setting staff and families to implement an integrated curriculum that engages children, facilitates in- depth investigation and critical thinking, and connects to children’s social worlds.

The subject requires students to apply the principles, practices and outcomes of Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia to design, implement and evaluate innovative, inclusive and meaningful learning environments.

Primary Professional Experience K-6 – TEAC7106

Professional Experience K-6 provides Pre-service Teachers with a professional experience placement in a primary school, building on their prior experience in early childhood and community-based settings. Pre-service Teachers will link theory and practice while exploring issues involved in understanding the needs of learners within specific school and classroom contexts. They will engage in the culture of schools to gain an understanding of how schools and classrooms operate. The professional experience component of this subject consists of a total of 30 days plus one in-uni day.