EKN Professional Learning Workshops

Since 2007, EKN has been offering a wide range of high-quality professional learning opportunities to assist teachers in adapting to the challenges they face in improving student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We offer a range of different types of professional learning events including:

  • workshops,
  • courses,
  • conferences and forums,
  • tailored professional learning for whole schools and early childhood settings,
  • support for teachers and schools engaging in action research.

Face-to-face sessions are conducted at various Western Sydney University campuses and through our network of professional partners across Sydney. Several courses are delivered fully online. We also conduct no cost, professional learning forums throughout the year. All of our events focus on new and emerging practices and theories to promote innovation in teaching practice. Our on campus and online sessions are designed to bring teachers together from across schools and systems and provide them with opportunities to network and learn about current initiatives in education.

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Upcoming Workshops

Registrations for the following workshops are now open.

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Saturday, 14 March 2020 and Saturday, 28 March 2020. 8.30am - 6:00pm(Basic) Alternative to Violence TrainingWestern Sydney University, Parramatta South campusTBCTBCTBC

Expression of Interest

Interested in attending a course?

Please view our full selection of workshops below and complete the Expressions of Interest Form. We will then contact you when registrations open for the courses you are interested in. Our list is regularly updated with new workshops, so check back regularly to ensure you do not miss any opportunities.

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CourseDescriptionAudiencePD HoursExpressions of Interest
I Am Not Maths Trained But am Teaching Stage 4 Mathematics. HelpThis course is designed to assist teachers trained in areas other than mathematics with aspects of the stage 4 mathematics course by addressing common misconceptions and providing teaching strategies that promote student learning. Secondary Teachers 5Click to Express Interest
Developing Assessment Tasks For Stage 6 Standard MathematicsThis course is designed to provide guidance in the development of an assignment or investigation-style assessment task, and will result in the development of a quality assessment task ready for use at school. Secondary Teachers 5Click to Express Interest
Numeracy in Early ChildhoodThis workshop will explore and discuss how young children learn mathematical concepts, and what decisions we can make as teachers to embed the teaching of mathematics and numeracy in the early years. Early Childhood Teachers2.5Click to Express Interest
Positive Behaviour and Parent InvolvementThis presentation focuses on developing partnerships with parents to support and sustain Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) in schools. All Educators, School Leadership and Support Staff2Click to Express Interest
Education and Climate ChangeThis interdisciplinary course looks at how to enact positive climate change pedagogy, that helps communities with the changing climate.Primary and Secondary Teachers, School Leadership2Click to Express Interest
Creative Approaches to LiteracyThis hands-on workshop will allow educators to explore creative pedagogies for literacy development, while improving their understanding of the role of creativity across the curriculum.Primary and Secondary Teachers, School Leadership3Click to Express Interest
Exploring Sexualities & Gender Diversity in the Classroom:  A Practical ApproachThis practical workshop will look at what teachers and schools can do to provide an equitable learning space for all of their students.All Educators, School Leadership and Support Staff2Click to Express Interest
VR & AR in the classroom In this session, participants will get to see how the innovative technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality can be integrated across the curriculum. Links to the syllabus will be identified throughout. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and create with both virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Participants will also be exposed to current research in this area.Primary Teachers2Click to Express Interest
Innovative Inquiry learning for HSIEIn this session, participants will explore current inquiry-based learning models and develop a deep understanding of how to innovate current units of work that delve deep into the content with the use of inquiry models. Participants will see how bringing innovative inquiry into the classroom can spark the interest of their students and History and Geography will come alive.  Participants will also be exposed to current research in this area.Primary Teachers2Click to Express Interest
Effective ICT integration for P-6 In this session, participants will have the opportunity to explore a range of tried and tested ICT applications as well as emerging technologies that can be used to enhance the learning in the classroom. Close alignment to the new Digital Curriculum will be evidentEarly Childhood and Primary Teachers6Click to Express Interest
Authentic STEM integrationIn this session, participants explore what STEM is and the philosophy behind its emergence into the education system. From here, participants will discover how best to integrate STEM authentically into their teaching and learning program.Early Childhood and Primary Teachers6Click to Express Interest