Telehealth Research and Innovation Lab (THRIL)


Established in January 2011, the Telehealth Research and Innovation Laboratory (THRIL) operates on a multidisciplinary collaboration model drawing on the academic expertise of a participants from the Schools of Computing & Mathematics, Science and Health, Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery, as well as a number of other strong external research groups. Equipment and computational capabilities were contributed from an existing Smart Space facility at the Western Sydney University's Campbelltown campus, to establish a computationally sophisticated networked and reconfigurable sensor-rich environment for conducting innovative health informatics research.

THRIL provides Western Sydney University with a research facility of national prominence in Telehealth and eHealth. This area is critical to the future strength of our Health System and aligns with Australian Health Reform and National Broadband agendas.  The overall strategy of THRIL is to progress research and collaboration using intelligent and innovative ICT methods supporting new models of care, in areas such as aged care and independent living, chronic disease management, and wellness promotion. The ICT dimension supported by THRIL covers a range of different technical aspects including:

  • Health Data Management and Analysis: e.g. database and eResearch tools, data mining, data modelling and visualisation, data annotation and aggregation, electronic health records, health messaging
  • Software Systems for eHealth: e.g. clinical decision support, agent technologies, health workflow and patient journey modeling, health business process engineering design and development methodology
  • Intelligent Automated Systems and Human Factors: e.g. user interaction, virtual/aware environments, assistive technologies, natural language processing, image/video processing, human visual attention
  • Online, Mobile and Sensor Environments: e.g. web-based wellness promotion, health social networking, patient monitoring by wearable devices, smart phone and tablet applications, smart homes for health

Current Staff Members