Health Informatics (eHealth)

eHealthHealth Informatics (also called "eHealth") covers the use of Information and Communications Technologies in supporting healthcare processes and services in many diverse situations. Some well known components of Health Informatics are:

  • clinical decision support
  • electronic health records
  • health communications / messaging
  • health information management
  • health systems design and workflow modeling
  • telehealth / telemedicine / telecare
  • web services health applications

Health Informatics at Western Sydney University concentrates on three broad areas within the ICT space:

  • Health Information, e.g. personal monitoring, health data mining / analysis, medical images
  • Health Decisions, e.g. computational learning and pattern recognition, smart homes for health, human-computer interaction
  • Health Systems, including care delivery and managementl , patient journey modelling, wellness promotion

At Western Sydney University, a multidisciplinary approach is taken in our Health Informatics activities and our projects involve collaborators from areas outside ICT, both internally in the academic arena (e.g. Business, Health Science, Medicine, Nursing) and externally in the health sector (e.g. primary care and allied health, acute and specialised care, healthcare products and services industries). The Telehealth Research and Innovation Laboratory (THRIL) facility supports many of the projects undertaken by the group

Current Staff Members Involved in Health Informatics (eHealth)