Work Health and Safety Management using Building Information Modelling (BIM)

This research seeks to ultimately contribute to safer construction and infrastructure projects. The research will contribute to the ability of government to equitably and precisely assess a tenderer’s capability to meet the elevated WHS standards envisioned to be set by a BIM-informed WHS management framework.

Alternatively, in the future one would anticipate that government will be able to adjust contract prices with evidence from the reduced cost of incidents and additional costs to contractors associated with development of the required BIM skills and capabilities as lessons are learned and the market matures.

Project Title: Work Health and Safety Management using Building Information Modelling

Duration of project: Jan 2020 – Oct 2021

Funding body: SafeWork NSW, Department of Customer Service, NSW Government.


  • Phase 1 Objective 1: Solutions for Integration of WHS in BIM-enabled project planning, design and delivery
  • Phase 2 Objective2: Evaluation of WHS aspects in BIM-enabled project proposals, as part of a procurement process
  • Phase 3 Objective 3: Evaluation of the proposed approach for its adoption
  • Phase 4 Objective 4: Knowledge Transfer and Information Dissemination

WSU Research Team:

Centre for Work Health and Safety, SafeWork NSW Team

  • Dr Gregory Zelic
  • Ms Angelica VĂ„rhammar
  • Ms Skye Buatava
  • Ms Niamh Murray
  • Mr Daniel Craig
  • Mr Ron Keelty

Industry Advisory Group