Project OP10: Commercial Design of Recycled Aggregate Carbonation Chamber

PhD Candidate
Mr. Farid Sartipi 
Mr. Farid Sartipi
Chair SupervisorCo-Supervisor

 Prof. Vivian W.Y. Tam  

Dr. Khoa N. Le

Prof. Vivian W.Y. TamDr. Khoa N. Le

CO2 Concrete technology is promoting high quality recycled concrete by injecting carbon dioxide in recycled aggregate which ultimately increases the mechanical performance of the final product. As part of the process recycled aggregates are being carbonized in a pressure chamber. The current chamber capacity is suitable only for small laboratory experiments. Following up with the commercialization of the CO2 Concrete concept it is now essential to design a new bigger pressure chamber with higher capacity for up to 1 ton. As the capacity grows there are several specifications regulated by standard which must be met to ensure the safety factors. This project is aiming to increase the quantity of he usage of recycled aggregates in order to shift the concrete production industry to an environmentally friendly mode.