Research at School of Built Environment

Western Sydney University is ranked 11th of 40 universities nationwide for Australian Research Council grants.

Western Sydney University has been judged top 20 (18th) of Australian universities in the 2012 national review of research quality (ERA).

Advanced Materials and Smart Structures (AMSS)

Current Research Areas

  • Engineering Materials and Processing Technologies
  • Smart Structures and Safety Engineering
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Australian Housing Supply Chain Alliance (AHSCA)

AHSCA involves stakeholders of the Australian housing industry who have the capacity and willingness to commit to being change agents for the sector to address industry challenges.

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Centre for Smart Modern Construction (C4SMC)

An industry collaboration initiative embracing smart technologies and processes in delivering a modern construction industry

The Centre Will Invest In:

  • Research grants
  • Visiting academics
  • Academic and research exchange
  • Undergraduate scholarships for construction management students
  • A site for practical demonstration of building techniques

Sustainable Construction Management and Education (SCME)


  • The Sustainable Construction Management and Education team has a strong group of actively engaged researchers. It aims to develop strategies for responding to climate change while embedding engaged learning in the construction management program as part of the Western Sydney University Strategic Plan. Undergraduate student numbers have increased significantly since 2007. The enrolment surge indicates a need to conduct research into improving sustainable construction education.
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