Visualise Your Thesis

Visualise Your Thesis is an international competition for graduate researchers. It challenges competitors to develop a striking, audio-visual presentation that presents their research project via a short and engaging digital narrative.

Caroline Ponsonby | Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

The Cherry on Top? Flies as Alternative Crop Pollinators

Alix Beattie | School of Humanities and Communication Arts

Refracted Cubes in the Urban Environment: Altering the Audience Experience through Street Art Engagement

Ann Lehmann-Kuit | School of Humanities and Communication Arts

A Decade On - Expressive Confidence is Strong; emerging insights from two participants with autism reflecting on flow song creation and mental health

Le Christine L. | School of Humanities and Communication Arts

News Narratives and Manipulation

Elif Sakiz | School of Medicine

Understanding the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

Nafiseh Mirabdolhosseini | School of Medicine

Searching for Silent Killer- Oesophageal Cancer

Tim Mann | School of Medicine

Imaging Interactions of hGIIA and Vimentin in Prostate Cancer

Alina Ewald | School of Psychology

Father's Experiences, Constructions and Negotiations of Flexible Working Arrangements

Rose Peak | School of Psychology

Does Helping Help the Helper?

Shohreh Alaedini | School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment

Structural Health Monitoring of High-rise Building "During construction"

Kiran Shahbaz | NICM Health Research Institute

Crocin is Helping Brain Cells under Low Oxygen and Food (Stroke)*

*This entry is over the maximum time limit and not eligible for prizes.

Muhammad Aminuddin | School of Humanities and Communication Arts

Islamic Terms Translation*

*This entry is over the maximum time limit and not eligible for prizes.

People's Choice Award

Western Sydney University staff and students are invited to submit a vote for their favourite entry in the People's Choice Award!

You are allowed to submit one vote under your staff or student email account. Please do not submit multiple votes. Votes from non-WSU email accounts and duplicate votes will be removed. All votes will remain confidential.

Voting opens: 10.00am, Wednesday 21 July 2021
Voting closes: 5.00pm, Tuesday 10 August 2021

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*Note: Some entries displayed on the website do not meet the maximum time limit criteria and have been excluded from voting.

Winner and Runner-up Awards

An expert judging panel will review all the submissions to nominate a Winner to be put forward for the University of Melbourne International VYT Competition. A Runner-up will also be awarded by the judging panel.


  • Winner - $2,000
  • Runner Up - $1,000
  • People's Choice - $1,000

Prizes will be awarded on 12 August 2021.