Visualise Your Thesis

Visualise Your Thesis is an international competition for graduate researchers. It challenges competitors to develop a striking, audio-visual presentation that presents their research project via a short and engaging digital narrative.

Winner and People's Choice Award

Caroline Ponsonby | Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

The Cherry on Top? Flies as Alternative Crop Pollinators

Caroline has been announced as the Visualise Your Thesis Winner for 2021 and also receives the People's Choice Award! Caroline is awarded $2,000 and $1,000 prizes and will represent us at the University of Melbourne Visualise Your Thesis International Competition.(opens in a new window)


Ann Lehmann-Kuit | School of Humanities and Communication Arts

A Decade On - Expressive Confidence is Strong; emerging insights from two participants with autism reflecting on flow song creation and mental health

Ann has been announced as the Visualise Your Thesis Runner-up for 2021 and is awarded a $1,000 prize.

Competitor Playlist

Check out the videos from all our finalists in this playlist.