Dr Neil Hall

Dr Neil HallDr Neil Hall. Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of Western Sydney

Lecturer, Social Work, Welfare and Therapy Studies

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Neil Hall is an early career researcher, and has been a lecturer at UWS since 1997 where he is Course Advisor and teaches in the Bachelor of Social Work. He worked as a social work practitioner in street work, adolescent health, drug and alcohol, sport, and as a sessional group work specialist in prisons and juvenile justice centres. He has conducted numerous youth-related research projects both individually and collaboratively with other academics. In 2010, he completed his PhD on sport, civic engagement and young males.

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Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

Social Work, Group work, youth work, young males, field education

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Grants / Current Projects

2011 Nepean Regional Homelessness Task Force - collaborative scoping research into vulnerabilities and housing stability

2006-07 Katoomba Youth Tobacco Uptake/Cessation Pilot Research Project

2000-01 St Clair Erskine Park Youth and Community Safety (SCEPtiCS) Research Project

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Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Hall, N, 2011 “Sport’s me life”. The role of sport in developing core, gender and civic identity in Australian young males. In Hughson J, Skillen F & Palmer C (eds) , Sport and Identity, Edwin Mellen Press, (in print).

Conference papers

Hall, N, 2008, Young Australians using local sport for local transformation, Local sport in Europe. 4th EASS Conference, (opens in a new window) pp 130-138.

Hall, N, 2007, 'Play hard, play fair'. Using sport to engage young males in social action, National Youth Affairs Conference, (opens in a new window) pp 85-91.

Journal Articles

Hall, N, 2011 “Give it everything you’ve got”. Resilience for Young Males through sport, International Journal of Men’s Health, Winter 2011, 10 (1), (in print).

Hall, N, 2007, Finding touch: Young males, sport and civic engagement in Australia, Scottish Youth Issues Journal, (opens in a new window) vol 9, pp 23-40.

Hall, N, 2004, 'Safety in Numbers'. Young people's perspectives on community safety in a suburban context, Scottish Youth Issues Journal, (opens in a new window) 8 (8), pp 71-86.


Hall, N and Banno, J 2001, ‘Safety in Numbers’. The Research Report of the St Clair Erskine Park Youth and Community Safety (SCEPtiCS) Project, Childhood and Youth Policy and Research Unit, University of Western Sydney.


Hall, N., 2010, "Pick up the ball and run. Sport, civic engagement and young males", (opens in a new window) Phd Thesis, UWS.

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