Supporter Community

We want to do this together and we invite you to engage with us in four ways. Each level comes with rights and responsibilities.

Level one - Fan

As a fan, you follow Western's Respect Now Always campaign through our newsletter (opens in a new window) or Instagram (opens in a new window).

What you get:

  • Workshop invitations
  • Updates
  • Insider information
  • Invitations to be part of events and campaigns

We made a promo video recently, and our casting call was through the newsletter.

Level Two - Ambassador

You advocate for respectful relationships and you guide program decisions and you help out at events.

We train you, we invite you to participate in face to face and events and we formally acknowledge your efforts if you want us to.


Some ambassadors help us out at Diversity Fest stalls, while others advocate in their commutations - at clubs, collectives, in classes or with family and friends.

Level Three - Ambassador Champion

As it says on the box: dedicated, committed, willing and passionate:

  • represent student voice at the Vice-Chancellor-chaired Taskforce
  • develop initiatives - some of which which attract funding and other forms of engagement
  • develop or collaborate on resources

Recently an Ambassador Champion shared her views on respectful relationships to the Respect Now Always Taskforce, which includes Deans, Heads of Department and Board Members, and is chaired by the Vice Chancellor. She is prompting action at the highest levels of University leadership.

Level Four - Intern

Take it to the next level. As an innovative, impactful public health program we welcome:

  • Credit-earning placement students from public health, psychology, social work, humanities and communication arts, computing and more
  • Volunteers from the Academy's Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking's Internship and Community Engagement and Citizen's Scholar Award.

A current Bachelors of Public Health placement student is working with us to evaluate an aspect of the program. In addition to credit points she is earning exposure to all levels of what we do.

Interested? Comments? Let us know

Students partner with Respect Now Always with through:

  • Participating in strategic decisions on campaign development 

Western's cross-Institutional Respect Now Always Task Force steers major initiatives in reducing sexual assault and sexual harassment across the university. We invite 3-5 students per Taskforce to represent the student perspective.

  • Providing feedback on specific campaign aspects

Our reporting portal, training module, website and support app have all benefited from student input. Ambassadors are regularly called on as test audience and reviewers. This can very empowering.

  • Production 

Our posters and safety cards have been created by students in conjunction with the Rabbit Hole and others. Our current series was printed 700 times and displayed and distributed across ten campuses Sounds good? Get in touch!

  • Campaign development and support 

Our hugely popular #ClotheslineProject (opens in a new window) at Diversity Fest 2018 was solely designed and supported by students. This has positively impacted hundreds of people in our community... and we could always do with a hand at our stalls!

  • Co-presenting

We know that audiences are morel likely to pay attention and support our work when their peers are in front of them. Fancy some public speaking or teaching practice?

  • Advocacy

It's not always the big gestures that count. Whether its subtly calling out harassment or mentioning support services to a survivor, culture change needs advocates. Be the change.

  • Getting trained up 

We (and related orgs) offer free, quality training in this field. Ask us or look into becoming a White Ribbon Ambassador (opens in a new window) or training with the eSafety Commissioner (opens in a new window) or NRL (opens in a new window). Knowledge is power!

  • Internships 

These can be credit bearing or paid (coming), and we give you professional experience, mentoring and the opportunity to work on Western's nationally-respected Respect Now Always program, which cuts across the entire university community and sometimes beyond it.

  • Professional networking and work experience 

From rubbing shoulders with senior leaders to working with academics or professionals on impactful campaigns, you will get a chance to collaborate with experts in a professional and innovative environment.