If you have experienced a sexual offence at Western

If you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault, support is available.

In an emergency, please call 000 now.

Western is committed to creating safer university communities. We treat information regarding sexual assault or sexual harassment seriously.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are never OK. It is always the fault of the perpetrator.

After any trauma, survivors may feel confused, overwhelmed or nothing at all. This page (opens in a new window) covers some impacts and other questions you may have. Here's (opens in a new window) an excellent blog on understanding trauma in a university setting.

You may want to talk with someone in our community. See Western's First Responder Network (opens in a new window) for a list of students and staff who have been trained to listen to and refer survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment in our community.


The key support services are:


The key support services are:

See here (opens in a new window) for more services.

Reporting  Sexual Offences

At Western, you may report sexual harassment by filling in a complaint form or contacting Complaints Management Opens in a new window.

You may also choose to make a complaint using Western's Sexual Offences Reporting Portal Opens in a new window.

The purpose of this portal is for survivors to tell their story in a way that is best for them, as well as to increase safety and minimise harm. The portal accepts anonymous*, witnesses and bystander reports.

*In anonymous reports users are reminded that the lack of identifying detail may limit the university’s potential actions.

The portal is not intended to replace emergency services. If you are a student and would like some help using the portal, please contact Wellbeing Services on 1300 668 370. Western Sydney University staff (including casual staff) can call the Employee Assistance Program on 1800 81 87 28.

For more information about report options at Western, click here Opens in a new window.