Positive intervention

Be the hero (safely)

What can you do when you become aware of social conflict near you?

If you don't feel able to intervene, it's natural. Stay safe and do what you can.

  • Direct 

    Respond directly and calmly to a perpetrator, perhaps by using an “I” statement and/or calling out the behaviour - EG I feel uncomfortable when you speak like that or Mate, that's harassment.

  • Distract 

    From pretending you recognise the target, to barging in for a selfie, there are many creative ways to diffuse an unwanted encounter.

  • Delegate 

    From security guards to barkeepers, many have the capacity to support. Choose a specific individual and communicate clearly and calmly. At Western, Campus Safety and SecurityOpens in a new window are available 24/7 on 1300 737 003 or extension 2300 from any fixed campus handset.

There are many amazing ways to intervene, and it can feel great. To ask about positive intervention training, email respectnowalways@westernsydney.edu.au