Western is committed to supporting everyone in our diverse university community.

This means offering student, staff and community training on a range of respectful relationships topics.

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Responding to Disclosures

We all want to be heard and respected. When something terrible happens, we want to be believed and confirmed.

A person's early disclosure experiences plays a significant role in their healing and justice journey. Specifically, a supportive disclosure experience may assist in helping survivors understand that while something happened to them, it does not define them. We also know that anyone may receive a disclosure, including tutors, student leaders and professional staff.

This training suite has been developed with a range of specialists including Western's Sexualities and Genders Research (opens in a new window), the University Wellbeing Team, trauma expert and criminologist Dr Ashlee Gore and public health prevention and response practitioner Stephen Zissermann.

In 90 minutes we cover the why, how and what next of listening to someone talk about their experience of sexual violence (online, f2f and hybrid options available; max. capacity 25).

This training is informed by the experience of survivors and is dedicated to survivors, friends, families and advocates.

Active Bystanders 

We all have a role to play in creating and maintaining safer and more respectful communities.

While the bystander effect is real, we can all take safe action that can stop or reduce conflict.

Tailored training

Sexual violence prevention and response is complex. Our team partners across the university community to co-design and co-deliver learning experiences that are relevant, meaningful and engaging.

Since 2017 this has included impactful curriculum partnerships (such as with public health, sports management and social design students and academics) and evidence-informed knowledge translation for diverse cohorts (including college residents, research faculty and international students).

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