Grant Development Support Strategy

The Grant Development Support Strategy (opens in a new window) (login required) outlines the grant development and support process used by Western to submit competitive external research grants.

Key Dates 2019/2020

Please see below for key dates for grant development and local panel review for 2019-2020. For further information, contact your Research Development Officer (opens in a new window)

2019 Research Concept Pitch (RCP) Process

The RCP process focuses on drawing out early and raw ideas/concepts for potential projects, including but not limited to Category 1 grants. It possible to submit a concept before making a final decision on the best scheme to apply to. The RCP process is open to Western researchers at all career levels.

To make a submission please visit the 2019 Research Concept Pitch (opens in a new window) page and click +NEW.

6 May 2019Submissions open
17 June 2019Submissions closed
Mid-July to mid-August 2019Review panels and feedback

2019/2020 Major Grants Round Pre-Submission Review Process / Research Services Notification Deadlines

All researchers who intend to submit or re-submit a Cat. 1 application should participate in the Pre-Submission Review Process. Participation involves submission of an online form providing the following details:

  • Grant details
  • Draft grant proposal (if available)
  • Original grant submission (re-submission only)
  • Assessors reports (re-submission only)
  • Any submitted rejoinders (re-submission only)
  • How feedback from the Research Concept Pitch Process has been addressed (if applicable)

Please visit the Intent to Submit (opens in a new window) page and click +NEW to register your intention to submit an ARC/NHMRC grant.

Round 1 *ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships, ARC Future Fellowships, ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres, ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs, NHMRC Investigator

Submissions open: 13 September 2019 Submissions closed: 4 October 2019 **

Round 2 * ARC DECRA, ARC Discovery Projects, ARC Discovery Indigenous, NHMRC Development

Submissions open: 7 October 2019 Submissions closed: 13 November 2019 **

Round 3 *NHMRC Synergy, NHMRC Ideas, NHMRC Clinical Trial and Cohort Studies, NHMRC Postgrad Scholarships, ARC LIEF

Submissions open: 18 November 2019 Submissions closed: 14 February 2020 **

*Research Services will provide tailored support/deadlines for Cat. 1 grants that occur outside the major grant round period (Nov - May).

**Subject to change and may be extended if previous round outcomes are delayed