Technology Services for Researchers

The following technology services augment the services already available from Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS) via the IT Service Desk. These services are primarily to help researchers with storage, computing and collaboration.

For more information about data management, including a handy checklist and template plan, visit Data Management and Technology Planning

Need more storage?

The following services are available if you require more storage:

Need more computing resources?

If you need more computing resources you can request a virtual machine. For more information, read the Virtual Machine README (PDF, 95.15 KB) (opens in a new window). To request access to a virtual machine please email

The National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources project (Nectar) (opens in a new window) also has virtual machines for research use.

Need to archive and publicise your research data?

If you need to archive and publicise your research data, please complete a data description via the Researcher Dashboard (opens in a new window)

If you develop software

If you develop software you can backup your repository to the Research Data Store. To take advantage of this service please email