Planning cultural infrastructure in the multicultural 'city within the city'

Project title

Planning cultural infrastructure in the multicultural 'city within the city': understanding attitudes and perceptions of cultural space of young adults from Indian, Chinese and Lebanese communities in the City of Parramatta.

Project summary

This research investigates the cultural experiences of individuals with Indian, Chinese and Lebanese background in the City of Parramatta. While individuals of Indian, Chinese and Lebanese backgrounds make up for more than half of the city's population, traditional urban planning tools in Australia tend to neglect non-Anglo-centric cultural perspectives and experiences.

Policy analysis will examine cultural plans issues by the City of Parramatta, while existing cultural infrastructure will be mapped. The experience of cultural space will be compared against official plans and maps through interviews and participatory mapping.

The comparison between perceptions of the government and local residents will aim to identify areas of cultural significance in the City of Parramatta that are possibly neglected in official cultural strategy, as well as to explore to which extend present and future infrastructure meets with the needs of those residents.



What does participation in this research involve?

Participants will be invited to undertake an online interview and participatory mapping to locate their cultural experiences in the City of Parramatta and Greater Sydney.

More information

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Human Research Ethics Committee approval number: H14007