Sydney Review of Books at Vivid Ideas

Event Name
Sydney Review of Books at Vivid Ideas
31 May 2017
02:00 pm -

Address (Room): Vivid Ideas, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney


This is practical workshop for working critics on the ethics of cultural criticism, with a particular focus on literary criticism. On the agenda: revenge reviews, hatchet jobs, cliques, insults, over-the-top praise, backscratching, disclosure, insider trading. What conflicts of interest arise when everyone knows everyone else (or so it seems)? And if cultural circles are understood as scenes, who misses out on critical attention? How can critics enrich their practice by paying more than lip-service to diversity – or should cultural commentators, like life writers, stick to what they know? What are the arguments in favour of offering critical support to writers from certain communities? In th

Speakers: Ben Etherington, Michelle Cahill, Emmett Stinson and Catriona Menzies-Pike

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Name: Suzanne Gapps

Phone: 9772 6780

School / Department: Writing and Society Research Centre