Invitation - Researcher Seminar Series - 1 August 2018

Event Name
Invitation - Researcher Seminar Series - 1 August 2018
1 August 2018
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Parramatta Campus

Address (Room): EB.G.02


Every year the Office of the DVC R&I hosts a series of researcher development seminars - with this year’s theme being ‘Making Partnerships Work’. Bringing together a cross section of our successful researchers, the focus will be on establishing and building partnerships in research – from co-funded PhD’s to co-designing the research journey. The next workshop will be chaired by David Chandler – Adjunct Fellow SCEM, with presentations and round table discussions from Scott Lyall – Development Manager from the Office of Advancement, Dr Irena Veljanova – Lecturer, SSAP and Dr Emma George - Senior Lecturer, SSH. This workshop will be a combination of presentations and a panel discussion. The event will endeavour to provide the audience with a broad overview of our guests experiences in dealing with and building collaborations and relationships within industry. These series of programs will be ideal for both early and mid-career academics, as well as those established researchers whose work is expanding to include new partners.

Speakers: Adjunct Professor David Chandler

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Name: Judy Foster

Phone: 7419

School / Department: Office of DVC (Research and Innovation)