Intersect Online Training: Introduction to Research Data Management

Event Name
Intersect Online Training: Introduction to Research Data Management
16 July 2021
09:30 am - 12:00 pm

Address (Room): Zoom


Why do this course? It is increasingly acknowledged that publication and re-usability of research data brings great benefits to researchers, institutions, and the scientific community at large. Therefore the management of your valuable research data becomes an important task. In fact, WSU’s Research Data Management Policy requires all researchers to have a data management plan (DMP) in place at the beginning of their research project. This workshop is ideal for researchers who want to know how research data management can support project success and are interested in research data management services and support available at their institution. We will step you through the process of creating a comprehensive DMP within our Researcher Dashboard, and along the way we will discuss: - How to manage research data according to legal, statutory, ethical, funding body and university requirements. - Approaches to planning, collecting, organising, managing, storing, backing up, preserving, and sharing your data. - Services supporting research data at your institution. Co-presented by: Library, Intersect, ITDS.

Speakers: Katrina Trewin (Research Data Consultant), Jeff Wang (Intersect eResearch Analyst for WSU)

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Name: Jeff Wang

Phone: 0456 269 623

School / Department: Research Services