Intersect Online Training: Getting started with NVivo for Windows

Event Name
Intersect Online Training: Getting started with NVivo for Windows
27 March 2024
09:30 am - 12:30 pm

Address (Room): Zoom


Does your research see you working through unstructured and non-numerical data? With the ability to collect, store and analyse different data types all in the one location makes, it’s easy to see why NVivo is becoming the tool of choice for many researchers.

NVivo allows researchers to simply organise and manage data from a variety of sources including surveys, interviews, articles, video, email, social media and web content, PDFs and images. Coding your data allows you to discover trends and compares themes as they emerge across different sources and data types. Using NVivo memos and visualisations combined with the ability to integrate with popular bibliographic tools you can get your research ready for publication sooner.

You'll learn:

  • Create and organise a qualitative research project in NVivo
  • Import a range of data sources using NVivo’s integrated tools
  • Code and classify your data
  • Format your data to take advantage of NVivo’s auto-coding ability
  • Use NVivo to discover new themes and trends in research
  • Visualise relationships and trends in your data


In order to participate, attendees must have a licensed copy of NVivo installed on their computer. Speak to your local university IT or Research Office for assistance in obtaining a license and installing the software.

This course is taught using NVivo for Windows and is not suitable for NVivo for Mac users.

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Name: Jeff Wang

Phone: 0456269623

School / Department: Research Services