Excel for Researchers at Western Sydney: Online

Event Name
Excel for Researchers at Western Sydney: Online
22 July 2020
09:30 am - 04:00 pm

Address (Room): Zoom


Why do this course? Data rarely comes in the form you require. Often it is messy. Sometimes it is incomplete. And sometimes there's too much of it. Frequently, it has errors. We'll use one of the most widespread data wrangling tools, Microsoft Excel, to import, sort, filter, copy, protect, transform, summarise, merge, and visualise research data. While aimed at novice Excel users, most attendees will walk away with new tricks to work more efficiently with their research data. Who should take this course? This course is suitable for all researchers and research students from any discipline. The course will use a sample dataset from meteorology to demonstrate Excel's features and produce charts, but the techniques taught will be applicable to any field. You'll learn how to: Find, import and ‘clean up’ messy research data Organise, format and name your data in Excel Analyse your data (answer research questions) Interpret your data (filtering, conditional formatting) Perform calculations on your data (max, min, average) Extract significant findings from your data (pivot tables) Manipulate your data (data conversion, dates and times) Create graphs and charts to visualise your data

Speakers: Jeff Wang (Intersect eResearch Analyst for WSU)

Web page: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/excel-for-researchers-at-western-sydney-online-registration-110892404166

Name: Jeff Wang


Phone: 0456 269 623

School / Department: Research Services