Dr Mary Hawkins

Dr Mary Hawkins



Dr Mary Hawkins is a social anthropologist and currently Associate Professor and Director of Academic Programs (Sociology, Criminology, Peace and Development Studies) for the School of Social Sciences and Psychology. 

Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

Dr Hawkins teaches and researches in the areas of: religious and ethnic diversity in Southeast Asia; cultural traditions of Islam in Indonesia (specifically in Kalimantan); and globalisation and difference (ethnic, religious, national). Her field research area is Indonesia, specifically   southern Kalimantan.

Grants / Current Projects

My current projects include an investigation of religion and heritage in South Kalimantan.

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Fozdar, F.,  Wilding, R, &   Hawkins, M.2009, Race and Ethnicity in Australia,  (opens in a new window) Oxford University Press.

Hawkins, M. 2006 Global Structures, Local Cultures, (opens in a new window) Oxford University Press

Book chapters

'Violence and the construction of identity: conflict between Dayaks and Madurese in Kalimantan, Indonesia' in M. Sakai (ed.) Negotiating Identities: Regionalism in the Malay Archipelago, National University of Singapore Press, 2009.

Journal articles

Hawkins, M 2005, 'Those   Murderous Dayaks': Local Politics, National Policy, Ethnicity and   Religious Difference in Southern Kalimantan, Indonesia,(opens in a new window) Australian Religion Studies Review Vol. 18 (2) Special Issue on Religion in Southeast Asia

Hawkins, M 2000, 'Becoming Banjar. Identity and Ethnicity in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.' (opens in a new window) The Journal of Asian and Pacific Anthropology, 1 (1) pp 24-36.

Hawkins, M 1996, 'Is Rukun Dead? Ethnographic Interpretations of Social Change and Javanese Culture'. The Australian Journal of Anthropology 7 (1) pp 218-231.

Doctor Hawkins is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Title:Understanding Factors that Affect Learning Outcomes of Indigenous Australian Students in Remote and Urban Contexts
Field of Research:
Title:Human Rights and Global Policing in an Australian Context
Field of Research:
Title:Feminist Identity and Conceptualisation of Gender Issues by Muslim Gender Studies Elites
Title:Reconstruction of Post Tsunami and Post War in Sri Lanka
Field of Research:
Title:Negotiating Egalitarian Values and the Division of Unpaid Domestic Labour in Australian Households
Field of Research:
Title:The Power of Culture, Tradition and Religion in Access to and Delivery of Quality Reproductive Healthcare for Muslim Women Refugees in Australia from Afghan and Somali Background.
Field of Research:
Title:The Advocacy, Agency and Competence of Women Activists Participating in the Australian Environmental Movement
Field of Research:
Title:Mothers at the Margins
Title:Gender Relations in Tuan Gurus Families in Lombok West Nusatenggara
Field of Research:
Title:Doing a man-sized job: Exploring Hegemonic femininity among blue-collared tradeswomen.
Field of Research:
Title:Post-Islamist Transnational Religion: A Case Study of the Turkish UICCI
Field of Research:
Title:Women's Empowerment Projects in Pakistan
Field of Research:
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