Working Groups

In order to develop and implement initiatives RCE-GWS have formed a number of smaller working groups to address and create projects around our regional sustainability challenges. The leaders of each working group (WG) are vital in the structure of the RCE governance. These working groups are open for all RCE-GWS members and associate members to join and participate in.

Business and Sustainability

This WG has already delivered a number of successful projects. This year's focus will be on TAFE WSi 'Get Smart for Small Business' seminars, as well as building an engaged network of SME representatives to join the group and hoping to achieve effective communications, information dissemination, short course development and a range of sustainable initiatives. 


  • Penrith City Council 'Green Bottom Line' seminar
  • Development of 'Smart' seminars for SMEs

Community and Schools Engagement

This WG has linkages with International Youth Engagement and school networks. A major project is Click Connect Collaborate which enables a global class with 7 participating schools showcasing sustainable initiatives. The group is also looking at Professional Development for Teachers in digital communication skills and ICT.


River Health and Biodiversity

This WG has a newly appointed leader and is lookign at how to re-establish. The WG will be focusing on biodiversity, water and land.