The University is committed to securing success for our students and the Greater Western Sydney region through innovation and discovery in a dynamic and technology-enabled world. One mechanism the University uses to assist in this is to undertake reviews. A review seeks to identify areas of good practice, areas requiring improvement and recommended actions.

School Reviews

A School Review is an opportunity to set the future direction of the school and to demonstrate adherence to the Higher Education Standards Framework (opens in a new window).

The University has a cyclical review process, requiring all Schools to be formally reviewed every five years. The review process entails the production of a self-assessment report, which is considered by an independent review panel for commendations and recommendations. Implementation of review outcomes is overseen by the University Executive and Academic Senate. Reviews are an opportunity to disseminate and implement best practice. Review reports and implementation plans are available to staff with a University login.

The timetable for the School Reviews is as below.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

School of Medicine (opens in a new window) (SoM)
Terms of Reference (opens in a new window)

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School of Medicine - Panel Report 2016 (opens in a new window)

School of Medicine - Action Plan 2016 (opens in a new window) Action Plan updated August 2017

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics (opens in a new window) (SoCEM)
Terms of Reference (opens in a new window)

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SoCEM - Panel Report 2017 (opens in a new window)

SoCEM -  Action Plan 2017 (opens in a new window) Action Plan update due September 2018

School of Education (opens in a new window) (SoE) School of Business (SoB) School of Law (SoL)

School of Social Sciences and Psychology (opens in a new window) (SoSSP)
Terms of Reference (opens in a new window)

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School of SoSSP - Panel Report 2016

School of SoSSP - Action Plan 2016 Action Plan update due March 2018

School of Science and Health (SoSH)

Terms of Reference (opens in a new window)

School of Humanities and Communication Arts (SoHCA) School of Nursing and Midwifery (SoNM) Graduate Research School (GRS)

Stakeholder input is important to inform the outcome of a review. To make a submission to a School Review on matters relevant to the Terms of Reference please complete the submission form or email All submissions will be treated as confidential. If you prefer, you can mail your comments, marked "confidential" to School Reviews, Office of Quality and Performance, Western Sydney University, Locked Bag 1797, Penrith NSW 2751.

Support for School Reviews

The Office of Quality and Performance will provide support to Schools during the School Review process. This includes providing:

  • a template and standard set of data for the School self-assessment report
  • advice and assistance on drafting the self-assessment report
  • advice on interpreting the standard data set
  • advice on benchmark analysis
  • comments on the draft self-assessment report before finalising for the panel
  • drafting of the review report on behalf of the panel
  • assistance to the School in developing an action plan
  • monitoring of all timeframes and providing reminders to the School as required.

Course Reviews/Annual Course Reports

The University requires all Schools to undertake annual reviews of undergraduate and postgraduate coursework performance data. This annual review process enables continual improvement and reports on initiatives implemented at the school and program level to improve key performance indicators. The review process is overseen by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic) and reported to the Senate Education Committee.

Institute and Research Centre/Group Reviews

The University undertakes regular reviews of Institutes and Research Centres/Groups.

Reviews of the following Institutes/Centres/Groups were coordinated by the Office of the DVCR&D:

Research Centres and Groups -  2016 Review Report

Digital Humanities Group
Centre for Educational Research
Centre for Health Research
Centre for Research Mathematics

Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment - 2016 Review Report

Institute for Culture & Society - 2016 Review Report

MARCS Institute - 2016 Review Report

Thematic Reviews

The University also conducts cross-institutional reviews of key thematic areas, which are central to realising the University's mission. There are no thematic reviews currently planned.

Previous Reviews

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Additional documentation

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