About the Office of Quality and Performance

Our office coordinates University quality management initiatives; provides advice on strategic planning and review activities, oversees institutional engagement and provides information for tracking and improving performance.

Key areas include:

Strategic planning

The University has an integrated suite of planning activities that support the Securing Success 2018 - 2020 Strategic Plan (opens in a new window). Comprehensive planning occurs at the portfolio (Learning & Teaching; Research and Engagement) levels, as well as at the School and Organisational Unit levels.

Institutional research

The Institutional Research portfolio provides an analysis of corporate information for the University. The portfolio is also responsible for developing student load plans, as well as collecting data through administrative surveys.

The University takes an evidence-based approach to continuous improvement. Management information is derived from a range of sources to identify and address key areas for improvement.

Business intelligence

The Business Intelligence team is primarily responsible for building our data infrastructure. It is responsible for the enterprise data warehouse and for reporting and analytical tools that use data.

Data management

The Data Management portfolio is responsible for managing and maintaining our data assets. The portfolio is responsible for the development of data and information policies as well as developing a framework for data quality management, master data architecture, enterprise information modelling and data governance.

More Information

If you require further information or have any additional enquiries, please contact us.