The Campus Provost is a senior staff member that provides strong leadership in advancing the University's on-campus experience.

The Campus Provost plays a vital role in assisting the University to create a sense of place, through their leadership, by ensuring the campus is welcoming and accessible for staff, students and to local community groups. There are seven Campus Provosts that represent the University and act as the local public face for their respective campus by working to build external relationships through the support of local community, regional and industry initiatives.

Key responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of Provosts are to encourage external and intra-campus engagement initiatives. The Campus Provost will actively seek opportunities to increase the University's profile through:

  • External Relations and Engagement with local media, government relations, industry and business leaders, visiting dignitaries, international guests and community organisations.
  • Intra-Campus Relations and Engagement by providing the crucial link between the University's senior management, staff and students on the campus. The Provost is the Chair for the Campus Life Committee and is an active member of many campus-based committees and task forces.

Western Sydney University campuses have the following Provosts:

  • Bankstown - Professor Peter Hutchings, Dean, School of Humanities and Communication Arts
  • Blacktown (Nirimba) - Ms Nicolene Murdoch, Chief Executive Officer, Office of the CEO
  • Campbelltown - Professor Annemarie Hennessy, Dean, School of Medicine
  • Penrith - Professor Kevin Dunn, Dean, School of Social Sciences and Psychology
  • Hawkesbury - Peter Pickering, Vice-President (Finance and Resources)
  • Liverpool - Professor Brian Stout, Deputy Dean, School of Social Sciences and Psychology & Provost
  • Parramatta South - Professor Deborah Hatcher, Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Parramatta City - Professor Amir Mahmood, Dean, School of Business