WesternNow Governance

Steering Committee

Chaired by Mr Peter Pickering, Vice-President Finance and Resources and consists of senior staff from across the University.

  • Oversees the Enterprise Service Management program, including the WesternNow platform and new projects.

Service Owners Forum

Consists of leaders from across all business units that have services in WesternNow, as well as key clients such as Schools. Chaired by Lisa Hanlon, Senior Manager, Service Excellence (Office of Strategic Project Improvement and Implementation).

  • Designed to help Service Areas/Owners across the University participate in a peer community which supports the pursuit of Service Excellence.
  • Aids in sharing effective service management and adoption practices, provide performance reporting on services, improve end-to-end services, and gain the best value from key WSU systems, processes, knowledge, and policies.
  • Supported by the Service Excellence team

Continuous Improvement Forum

Membership consists of the Service Excellence team and ITDS Service Office team, with other staff invited as relevant

  • Business Process Improvement
    • Seek measurable improvement opportunities
    • Survey feedback
    • Number of enhancements raised vs executed
  • Adoption of WesternNow
    • Number of Portal hits
    • Number of channels open for communication

Knowledge Management Community of Practice

Consists of the Subject Matter Experts across all business units that have forms and services in WesternNow

  • Designed to share, create and update learning across teams
  • Supported by Bryan Williams, Knowledge Lead (Office of Strategic Project Improvement and Implementation)