Student Experience Office

We are excited to announce that as part of the broader ESM program we are implementing a number of Student Experience Office services into WesternNow.

In February and March this year, we ran a series of discovery workshops with teams within the Student Experience Office (SEO).  During the workshops, we identified the following as part of our design and implementation plan:

  • How to empower students and staff to access the right services and help
  • How to help those fulfilling those services
  • How to provide consistency in processes and service
  • The ability to streamline and simplify processes
  • A way to increase transparency and visibility over requests
  • A simplification of forms to help channel your request to the right team, without loss of service
  • The ability to simply make your requests using online forms (removing multiple PDF files across multiple sites)

This will all be backed by process mapping to help guide the progression of SEO services, plus developing and refining knowledge articles to help you find your answers more easily.

We have now commenced the design phase, working with staff in Campus Safety and Security, Wellbeing Services and Student Central.  This phase is also informed by a range of voices from Schools and Divisions to make sure that the forms and workflows designed work for everyone who needs to use them.  Following the design phase, we will move to building the forms within ServiceNow.  In this phase we will deliver hands-on demonstrations and test scenarios before we go live with any service.

While our engagement within SEO is well underway we welcome your thoughts any time – please don’t hesitate to contact Kate Capanna ( or Lisa Hanlon ( if you have any feedback or would like any additional information.