ITSM Relaunch FAQs

What is happening?

What is this all about?

We are launching a new version of our ITSM ServiceNow Platform. It’s not just an upgrade, it’s been rebuilt from the ground up to make it an ‘Out of the Box’ (OOB) implementation, so there are changes that will affect you.

What is OOB?

OOB stands for Out of the Box – it means a standard ‘vanilla’ software implementation, i.e. not customised, just configured using standard configuration options.

OOB implementations are completely standard, so any future upgrades should (in theory) be simple and reliable.

What’s wrong with our current ITSM service anyway?

Our ServiceNow service has worked well for us, and we are very familiar with it, which is great. But it is heavily customised which makes upgrades and new feature adoption very difficult. Also many functions we created as customisations have now been implemented as standard by ServiceNow such as the Portal.

What version of ServiceNow are we launching with?

We will be launching with the ‘New York’ version.

Wasn’t it going to be ‘Madrid’?

Originally we planned to launch with ‘Madrid’, but the Enterprise (ESM) programme needs new features that come with New York, so we need to be in synch with them.

When will this happen?

When is the launch?

The cutover to the new system starts on Friday 6 December at 8pm – the ‘official’ first day will be Monday 9 December.

From 8PM we will freeze the old (i.e. current) system and make it read-only (but you can still look-up old tickets, knowledge articles etc.)

Why launch just before Christmas?

We want to launch in a relatively quiet period, well away from Graduation, Exams and other no-go areas.

What do I need to do to be ready?

I use reports, dashboards, Visual Task Boards – do I need to do anything?


Most reports, dashboards and Visual Task Boards (VTBs) will have to be recreated – we can help you with this.

The project team will reach out to team managers to identify the key reports, dashboards and VTBs that you need, and will assist with recreating them.

If you have reports, dashboards or VTBs that you rely on, please request assistance from the Project Team via

I use Incidents, Requests, Change, Knowledge – is there anything I need to do?

Yes.Please take a moment to understand what is happening with tickets, Changes, Knowledge etc., and note any actions that you need to take:

Items Will they be migrated? Actions that you  need to take
Incidents Open items ✔ No action is required, but please not that any tickets that are resolved/closed won't be migrated
Knowledge articles Published articles ✔ Make sure any articles you want to keep are published, or they won’t be migrated
Requests Open items ✔
  1. For awareness: all in-flight tickets will be migrated as Requests and will appear in the Incident Module. They will retain the prefix REQ and their original number. It was not possible to migrate them to the request module.
  2. If a customer replies to an old email (issued from the old ServiceNow) unfortunately this will be lost - we will issue some Comms to let people know
  3. For this reason it would be ideal if you could minimise the number of in-flight tickets at cutover
Changes No
  1. Wherever possible, wait and create Changes in the new system
  2. Complete as many in-flight Changes as you can
  3. Manually re-create any in-flight Changes in the new system (i.e. copy-and-paste or manual re-key exercise)

Will I be able to tell what is an old ticket and what is a new one?

Yes. All new tickets and data will start from a higher number range.

What happens to the data that’s not migrated?

Nothing is going to be deleted. We will keep the old system as a ‘read only’ archive to provide teams with access to data for reference or recovery if they need it, and to meet our data retention requirements.

We don’t have a cut-off date for this service and data yet. We will give people plenty of notice when/if it is scheduled for closure.

Changes to the Change / CAB process

What is happening to Change and CAB?

ITDS has decided to adapt our Change processes in line with OOB ServiceNow because we want to improve the process to give it more focus on what Changes really need scrutiny.

What are the changes in a nutshell?

Change is still going to look pretty familiar, but there are some impacts you really need to be aware of:

  1. The most notable change is that the Change process will be streamlined and Normal Changes will only require a single loop of CAB
  2. To compensate for this, we have made introduced a slightly earlier cut-off date for getting on to the CAB Agenda: the CAB deadline will be midnight on the previous Wednesday.
  3. We will also be replacing Master Changes with a new record type called Release. It works mostly the same way a standard change does.

Important note:

  1. Unfortunately, we can’t migrate your Changes
  2. This means that if you can wait to raise any new Changes, it will save you time because you will have to manually re-key any in-flight Changes into the new system after launch
  3. You can still access (and copy-and-paste from) the old system, which will be kept as a read-only service

What support is there for me?

  1. A high-level overview will be provided in our Training sessions, and
  2. If you want a more in-depth understanding, we will be conducting Change workshops

Training sessions and workshop invites will be going out any day now (if you haven’t received an invite already)

And if you still have questions, please email us at

What if I need help?

Will there be support available if I have problems?


Here are some options for you:

  • A support team will be on the floor circulating round teams at Hawkesbury and Kingswood during the first week after we launch (6 December)
  • Email us at
  • You may invite Kerrie Bradley, our Practice Adoption Manager, to your Team Meeting
  • Service Desk (as always) can answer many of your questions

Will there be any training?

Yes, and we do advise that all teams send at least one or two representatives. We are also running sessions for Service Desk + Campus Support, non-IT users, and Change Management.


The sessions will in Hawkesbury in one of the G6 Computer Labs (they will be hands-on sessions)


Training will be run during the week commencing 25 November – let me know if you didn’t receive an invite.

What if I spot a potential enhancement or a problem?

For something that simply doesn’t work post go live, the usual incident management process should be followed. On the Go live date, we will be launching a new Idea portal where you may log anything you think could be improved. Details to be confirmed.