Business Continuity Management

Western Sydney University (WSU) is committed to enabling the timely recovery of University operations during a disruption through the establishment and maintenance of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program as set out in the WSU Business Continuity Management Policy.

BCM prepares the University for high impact/low probability disruptions that cannot be avoided or mitigated through business-as-usual  risk response strategies so that in the case the disruption occurs, the organisation is able to respond effectively, resist failure, and recover.

The BCM Program, led by the Senior Program Lead, Business Continuity and Resilience, establishes, maintains, and/or executes:

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The BCM Program is governed by the BCM Steering Committee with additional oversight and monitoring by the Audit and Risk Committee.

The BCM Program is executed via an annual cycle to embed BCM within the organisation and to continuously improve our business continuity response.

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