Print based (direct marketing) communications used for customer acquisition, relationship building and other promotional purposes continues to enjoy the highest preference among recipients despite the use of internet marketing.

Increasingly, people expect an equal, if not improved, level of intimacy from printed communications as they enjoy when they interact with organisations in the traditional way.

In response, Print Services offers personalised Variable Data Printing (VDP) services.  

What is VDP?

VDP is using what you know about the target audience to deliver a relevant message on which the recipient will take action. For example:
  • favourite colour
  • favourite sport
  • pets
  • hobbies etc.
VDP is a way to have pictures, graphics, messages, offers, and calls to action that differ according to the needs of an individual recipient. It is much more than changing the address block or doing a simple 'mail merge message'. For example:
  • a different picture or graphic
  • a different message or offer
  • sign-up, call us or join us, etc.
According to recent studies, direct mail is the preferred medium among most consumers for receiving and evaluating information about products and services:
  • 69% prefer direct mail
  • 28% prefer email
  • 3% prefer telephone.
More importantly research indicates that 66% of people surveyed want 'highly personalised' offers, rather than generic ones.

Personalised print communication has been proven to increase response rates as well as profits.

For more details about how personalisation can work for you, please contact us