Custom Publishing

Gone are the wasteful days when you had to take your original files, manuscript or loose photocopies of original works to your University printer to produce multiple copies.You can now utilise our state-of-the-art 'print on demand' workflow that is both user-friendly and cost effective. Create and submit your specific print requirements and order just one copy, or a million, depending on your needs 24/7.

Key Benefits
  • Lecturers can compile a specific piece of courseware (readers, study guides etc) online 24/7
  • Students can purchase published items from our online catalogue and have them delivered to their home
  • PHD candidates can compile and submit 'exam/marking' and 'final' thesis for printing online
  • Self-publishers can create books online and engage Print Services to sell their product on demand

Readers, Study Guides and Lab Manuals

Courseware is increasingly being customised and branded to meet the specific needs of lecturers, individual student learning styles and to promote the University. This results in making the course material more interesting, balanced and valued by students rather than simply providing a list of URLs to refer to.

Lecturers are combining copyright-cleared journal articles, book chapters, case studies, newspaper articles, and essays into a well-presented bound and branded document which facilitates the students learning experience and promotes the University brand.

Educational publishers believe bundling of text packages to include supplementary materials is also becoming increasingly common. This might involve including a book of readings, study guide, CDs and videos that support the textbook and enhances the learning experience. We call these 'course packs'.

In response to increasing demand for this type of courseware, particularly third party materials, Print Services has established a copyright clearance and approval process. This allows lecturers to have confidence that their courseware is in full compliance with the University's copyright obligations without the need for them to undertake copyright approvals processes – Print Services does this on their behalf. 

For example, the process of compiling a book of readings needs to be no more complex than uploading a set of digital files, putting together a list of chapters or journal articles and submitting these into the University print-on-demand ordering system – we do the rest.

For complex projects, such as course packs, we recommend you contact a Print Services Campus Coordinator for advice at least three months prior to requiring completed packs for sale to students.

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Custom Textbooks

A fresh approach in provision of student courseware is the use of custom textbooks. These are a low cost, monochrome printed, alternative to the traditional textbooks. Custom books are innovative and enhance the student experience by relieving some of the financial pressures increasingly being felt by our students. Simply put, custom books only contain chapters within a textbook that are actually needed, giving students the same amount of information at a much lower cost.

Key Benefits
  • Students are able to purchase these low cost items from Print Services online catalogue (great convenience!)
  • Lecturers can update a book each semester aligning content with what is being taught (great flexibility!)
  • The University is allowed to co-brand a book with the college, school, course and lecturers names (great advertising!).
  • We utilise print-on-demand technology which maximises productivity and eliminates wasted materials (low cost!)

Importantly, the production quality of custom textbooks does not need to be so different from the publishers (offset) version. Although, the University will often choose to print a colour textbook in monochrome rather than using the expensive spot or four colour alternatives. This is because Print Services will be given access to high-quality digital files hosted on the publishers' own servers. This avoids the loss of quality often experienced when scanning third party materials.

Rising demand for custom books is being facilitated by copyright agencies around the world who have streamlined their production and administrative processes under new voluntary licensing schemes so the risk of copyright violations is mitigated.

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If you wish to self-publish a book, Print Services can assist you to not only print your books on demand but also sell it.

Our new online ordering application allows your potential readers to order individual copies 24/7.

As the self-publisher, you simply provide your potential readers with our catalogue link and we'll do the rest. This includes printing the item on-demand, shipping it to the purchaser on receipt of the monies owing on your behalf.

Contact us to discuss how our services for self-publishers can work for you.

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