Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is InPlace?

InPlace is a complete placement solution for allocating, administering and managing students in work placements. InPlace has a Student portal, an Agency (Facility) portal and a Staff portal displaying pertinent information to each party as it happens. On the Staff portal, staff request placements from Agencies (Facilities) and confirm responses before allocating students and supervisors (facilitators) to the available placements. Once the placement information is published students can view their placement allocation details and Agencies (Facilities) can then view the details of the students to attend placement at their organisation.

2. What will InPlace do for me?

InPlace will provide students one location to find their placement information that can be accessed at any time. Student contact details will feed from Callista (student record system) to InPlace to support allocation of students to placements. Please note if your address and contact information is not up to date in MySR this could affect your placement location.

3. How can I access InPlace

Students can access InPlace through the MyC3 portal and the student InPlace webpage using your student ID and password.

4. Can I access InPlace on my smartphone or Tablet?

InPlace has a smartphone and tablet friendly version that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. If using a mobile device, select Full View to ensure access to all InPlace functionalities.

5. How do I use InPlace?

InPlace has three portals, a Student portal, Staff portal and Agency Portal. The Student portal allows students to confirm their placement information and verification details anytime, anywhere. Students can also confirm their contact details feeding from MySR are correct and if not log into MySR to update the details. Please refer to the InPlace Student User Guides for detailed information.

6. What do I do if my details are wrong in InPlace?

All student and enrolment information feeds from students MyStudentRecord (MySR) if this data is incorrect it must be updated in MySR and will then feed through to InPlace overnight. If your enrolment is incomplete you will not be allocated to a placement.

7. What if InPlace doesn't show my enrolment details?

Log into MySR and correct any enrolment issues or contact Student Central for more help.

8. What if my login details do not work?

Your University assigned Student ID and Password is used to log into InPlace. If your ID and password does not work please raise a request with the ITService desk to correct before attempting to log into InPlace again.

9. What does Agency mean?

Agency is a term used in InPlace, it refers to the facility/ organisation at which placement is completed.

10. Can I log into InPlace at home?

InPlace can be accessed anywhere, anytime once connect to the internet. Students enter their student number and password to log in.

11. Who can see my information?

Only the Agencies you are allocated to will see your name details.

12. What is the preferred web browser for accessing InPlace?

The preferred browser to access InPlace is Internet Explorer.