Student Placement Agreements

Before students commence an unpaid placement outside of WSU that is a requirement of their course there must be a Student Placement Agreement (SPA) in place between WSU and the external placement provider. The SPA is a legal document which sets out the roles and responsibilities of WSU and the placement provider, and defines the terms and conditions of the placement. SPAs are a requirement of the Student Placement Policy, and ensure that risks to students and the University are minimised whilst students are on placement.

The Placements Hub works closely with Schools to ensure that processes are in place to ensure that University policy and legislative requirements are met with regard to SPAs, whilst also negotiating and managing SPAs with external agencies that are utilised by more than one School.

The Placements Hub has developed a range of standard templates and resources to assist schools with managing SPAs – please see our Resources page for details (requires staff login).

Do you need a SPA?

A SPA is required for all student placements that meet the following 3 conditions:

1) There must be a placement at an external workplace

The SPA is only required for an external work-based placement, and not for other types of work integrated learning (WIL) that occur on campus or in class. If students are going on placement with a work unit within WSU, there is no need to complete a SPA but you may want to complete a Vocational Placement Agreement (Internal) - please see our Resources Page for details (requires staff login).

2) The placement must be unpaid

If work experience is paid this is considered to be an employment relationship, rather than a placement.

3) The placement must be a requirement of a course or unit

This includes elective units. Workplace experiences that are not required in order to graduate from a course are considered as voluntary work experience, and not a placement as such. As the University has not required that this voluntary work experience take place there is no need for the University to enter into an agreement with the external agency.

More information is available in the FAQs on our Resources Page  (requires staff login)

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