Incremental Progression

All salary points (or steps) above the bottom salary point for each of the levels - A, B, C, D for academic staff and HEW Level 1 - 9 for professional staff - are annual incremental points.

Continuing or fixed term staff members will be reviewed at least annually for progression within the salary level to which the position they occupy.

What is the basis for progression within salary levels?

Normally an employee would complete twelve (12) months service on a step before progression.

Are there any other requirements?

Academic staff must have participated in the Academic Performance and Planning Review scheme to be eligible to receive salary increments.

Where do I obtain further information?

For further information, refer to either the Academic Staff Agreement (PDF, 1334.55 KB) (opens in a new window) or the Professional Staff Agreement (PDF, 1384.84 KB),(opens in a new window) or contact your HR Officer.