Enterprise Bargaining

This website will keep you informed on Western's progress in developing our new enterprise agreements.

The Western Sydney University Academic and Professional Staff Agreements 2014-2017 reached their notional expiry date on 31 January 2017, however, they will remain current until their replacement.

Salary offer

On Wednesday 13 September the University tabled a new salary offer. The University is proposing a 2% salary increase per annum for the life of the agreement, plus a small sign-on increase (0.1%) that will take effect in the first full pay cycle after the Agreements are approved by the Fair Work Commission. This offer is above the current Australian Bureau of Statistics Consumer Price Index figure, which is 1.9%, and follows the 3.75% salary increase earlier this year.

The University is offering this increase to reward staff and is the final offer the University is proposing in our current financial environment. This offer is also in line with salary increases that have been agreed at other Australian universities, as can be seen in the table below.

The University's proposed salary offer is conditional on reaching agreement on outstanding clauses.

Previous meetings

To watch video updates or download the University's agendas and meeting notes from past enterprise bargaining meetings, visit the previous meetings page.

Proposed clauses

The University is committed to maintaining current leave entitlements in the new enterprise agreements and in some instances has proposed an increase. You can view a table of the current leave entitlements, compared with the proposed entitlements, along with the clauses the University is proposing on the proposed clauses page.

Flexible Hours of Work Scheme clause

The University and the unions recently reached in principle agreement on a simplified Flexible Hours of Work Scheme clause for professional staff, which includes all current entitlements and conditions. View the agreed Flexible Hours of Work Scheme clause.

University offer

In July, the University tabled a salary increase for every staff member and the overall financial costs of what the University is proposing.

The University's offer is based on limited financial resources to draw on due to financial uncertainty, reduced government funding and a plateau of student demand.

Download the document (PDF, 141.81 KB) which provides more information about what the University is proposing, the amended key clauses the University is seeking to gain agreement to, in order to proceed with this package, and the financial costs.