Parking fines

Parking by Permit Only SignCampus Safety and Security Officers regularly patrol our campuses. Vehicles in breach of the Western Sydney University Parking and Traffic Policy will be fined.

Parking fines apply for, but are not limited to:

  • parking on campus without displaying a valid parking permit (permits are not valid if outdated, reproduced, copied, defaced or otherwise altered)
  • parking within a bay contrary to signage and permit conditions
  • parking either fully or partially outside a marked bay (i.e. over the line and not wholly within a bay or parking in an area that is not a marked parking bay)
  • parking in a manner that jeopardises the safety of staff, students and visitors, or parking in a manner that damages Western Sydney University grounds and environment

Avoiding parking fines

To avoid being issued with a parking fine:

  • display a valid parking permit on the front windscreen of your vehicle
  • if you are unable to display your annual or half year permit, you must purchase and display a Pay and Display one day parking permit on the dashboard of your vehicle
  • park only in bays that correspond with your permit (i.e. General Yellow permit entitles you to park in a yellow bay only)

Parking fine enquiries/requesting a review

Western Sydney University does not process fine appeals or payments. Revenue NSW (opens in a new window) process these on behalf of the University. Revenue NSW (opens in a new window) also manages a fine enforcement system to collect unpaid fines, including those imposed by the courts. Their authority to do this is detailed in the Fines Act 1996 (opens in a new window).

If you have received a parking fine and wish to seek leniency, please visit the Revenue NSW website (opens in a new window) to lodge a review.

For all other enquiries relating to parking fines, please contact Revenue NSW on 1300 138 118 or visit the Revenue NSW website (opens in a new window).