Guide to Orientation

Guide to Orientation

Accepting Your Offer

To enrol, you need to activate your student account (called your 'WesternAccount'). This account gives you access to all our online services including My Student Records (MySR) – your online student record, the Library, your student email account and more.

You'll need your Western Student ID number (which we emailed to you together with your offer). If you're having problems finding this, chat with us now.

Student Email

Email is the official communication channel at Western Sydney University. We send important information about your enrolment, exams, results etc to your student email account, not by post, so it's important that you check it regularly - every day if you can or at least twice a week. Your student email address is


Planning your enrolment

To select your units for Spring 2022, you will need to find your program on the Academic Handbook page. When you search for your program, click on 'sequence' for the current recommended unit selections for this session.

Not sure what it all means? Contact the course information team on 1300 897 669 or email

Enrol online

Ready to enrol? Login to My Student Records (MySR) and let's get started. 

Class Registration

Class Registration is how you choose your classes and put together your timetable. Allocate+ is the online system used to complete this process. You'll need to make sure you are enrolled in all of your subjects. After being allocated into your classes, you may be able to swap classes depending on availability.

If you have just completed your enrolment, it may take a couple of hours for your units to appear in Allocate+. Check back later if they do not show up in Allocate+ immediately after enrolment.

Important additional information to do with Class Registration can be viewed on our Class Registration page.

Note: After your timetable is complete, if you have been allocated to an on-campus class and not able to attend due to an underlying health condition, please contact your First Year Experience Coordinator to discuss the options available to you.

Important Dates | Spring 2022

  • Monday, 6 June 2022, 10.00 am - Open Read Only
  • Monday, 20 June 2022, 10.00 am - Preference Selection Opens
  • Thursday, 7 July 2022, 10.00 am - Preference Selection Closes
  • Friday, 8 July 2022, 10.00 am - Open Allocation Adjustment
  • Monday, 18 July 2022, 9.30 am - Force Sort 1
  • Monday, 25 July 2022 - Term Commences
  • Monday, 8 August 2022, 9.30 am - Force Sort 2
  • Monday, 8 August 2022, 10.00 am - Allocations Close

Student ID Cards

Students can now apply for their Student ID card to be posted to them by following these steps:

Please view the getting your new Student ID Card document for photo guidelines and acceptable documentation.

Offshore International Students do not need to undertake the Student ID Card process while overseas. You can get your Student ID Card once you arrive in Australia.