IT Survival Guide

IT Survival Guide

IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Phone Support: (02) 9852 5111
Student Email and Password

Student Email and Password

Your official student email address is your Student ID number followed by ‘’ e.g.
Western Sydney Online Training

Western Sydney Online Training

LinkedIn Learning is a great online training resource available to students to acquire many different skills and to enhance learning for free while they are enrolled at the University.
My Western

My Western

MyWestern is your student portal. All the information you need as a student can be found here. Access your lectures, reading materials, enrolment details as well your student emails and much more. Log in with your Student Email Address and Western Account Password
Western Wifi

Western Wifi

Most buildings and high-traffic areas around the University are covered by the University wifi : Western Wifi. This wireless network is free to use for current students for academic purposes. Log in with your Student ID number and Western Account Password


vUWS is your online learning platform where you can access your course work, view lectures, view reading materials, engage with your class and more. Log in with your Student Email Address and Western Account Password
Student Advantage

Student Advantage (Office 365)

All current students are able to download Microsoft Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint etc) on up to five different devices, with versions available for your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Sign in with your Student Email Address and Western Account Password

Assistive Technology (AT)

Various Assistive Technologies are available to support students in the classroom, during study and on placement. These technologies may support you by providing flexibility to study and learn in a way the suits your needs. Learn which technologies you can access on campus and from home on our Assistive Technology (AT) website.

Be smart, be sceptical, be secure

Cyber Security is increasingly vital as connectedness and the internet play an increasingly bigger role in our lives. Here are some tips and resources from IT Security for keeping yourself safe online.

Follow these easy steps to secure your laptop, tablet or phone:

  • Make sure you have a pass lock, PIN or password to unlock the device. This is especially important with mobile devices and tablets.
  • Turn Bluetooth off or set the device to undiscoverable mode when Bluetooth is not in use.
  • It is a good idea to keep a backup of important files, photos, documents or emails on a separate secure network or device for easy recovery.
  • Be wary of public wireless hotspots. While convenient, these are often not very secure. If the wireless hotspot does not require a password it would be unwise to access sensitive content such as personal financial information or banking.


It is important to set a strong and unique password to secure your devices and accounts. The password complexity requirements for your Western Account are displayed when setting up or changing passwords.

  1. To keep your Western Account secure, it is a good idea to change your password regularly.
  2. It is difficult to manage the ever increasing number of passwords we’re all required to keep (and remember!) so one option is to use a password vault. At this time, the University cannot recommend a specific product but if you do choose to make use of a password vault, please ensure you are familiar with the specific terms and conditions.

Please refer to our Knowledge Base for Password Management as well as the ‘Cyber Security’ and ‘StaySmart Online’ webpages for more information about the latest threats, such as Phishing and other common email scams.


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