Professor Ross Hawker Scholarship

Scholarship Type:  Equity
Scholarship Group:  B


  • $7,500 per year for up to 5 years

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:



  • new or continuing student



  • demonstrate financial or other hardship as assessed by the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), including students who are mature age or have carer responsibilities for dependent children
  • demonstrate leadership and community contribution

Professor Ross Hawker Scholarship

Ross Hawker’s distinguished career in medicine had its origins in Western Sydney. He was brought up in rural New South Wales, but moved to Western Sydney as a teenager when he won a scholarship to Hurlstone Agricultural College in the 1930s. After topping the state in Agriculture, he won a further scholarship to Sydney University where he studied medicine. During his life Professor Hawker published more than 50 books, book chapters and research papers in his specialist area of endocrinology. He was also head of the Department of Physiology at the University of Queensland for 25 years.

While medical research and lecturing took Ross Hawker to the world’s great centres of learning, he never forgot that it all began with a scholarship to a school in Western Sydney. The Professor Ross Hawker Scholarship is supported by the Hawker Foundation.

Application and Selection Process

Applications are to be submitted through the Universities Admissions Centre. Shortlisted applicants, as determined by the UAC Equity Ranking, may be required to make a written submission in support of their application.

Further information and how to apply can be found on our Equity Scholarship page.

Continuing Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipients must remain enrolled at Western.
  • Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 5.