Lion Dr William Chiu Scholarship

Scholarship Type:  Equity
Scholarship Group:  B


  • $7,500 per year for duration of degree*
    *full-time, or part-time equivalent

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:



  • new or continuing student


  • any undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University


  • demonstrate financial or other hardship as assessed by the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)
  • demonstrate academic potential through a minimum ATAR of 80 for new students, or a minimum GPA of 5 for continuing students. Non-current school leaver applications will be assessed on the basis of work experience and educational qualifications.

Dr William Chiu

‘Everyone can play a role in charity. Love has no boundaries.’ These were the words of a supremely generous man, whose legacy continues to benefit the University’s students and Australia–China relations.

In his lifetime, Dr William Chiu established a program at Western Sydney University for young people to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture. As well as promoting cross-cultural understanding, his gift allowed the University to provide opportunities with Chinese partners for students both locally and internationally. The program has delivered many scholarships for study at leading Chinese universities, numerous academic prizes in Chinese language and culture, literary translation projects, sponsorship of an Asian study conference, research internships and PhD scholarships. As a proud Lion, Dr Chiu demonstrated what can be achieved when people come together to create good in the world.

With the generous support of the Follow Your Dream Foundation Australia, Dr Chiu’s generosity of spirit, leadership and vision for a more harmonious society will be fostered in future scholars with the Lion Dr William Chiu Scholarship. The scholarship supports students who have the drive and talent to achieve tertiary education.

Application and Selection Process

Applications are to be submitted through the Universities Admissions Centre. Shortlisted applicants, as determined by the UAC Equity Ranking, may be required to make a written submission in support of their application.

Further information and how to apply can be found on our Equity Scholarship page.

Continuing Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipients must remain enrolled at Western.
  • Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 5.