Crescent Foundation Leadership Scholarship

Scholarship Type:  High Potential
Scholarship Group:  B


  • $7,500 per year for up to three years*
    *full-time, or part-time equivalent

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:



  • new or continuing student


  • any undergraduate degree


  • demonstrate academic potential through a minimum ATAR of 85 or equivalent for new students or through a GPA of 5 or higher for continuing students. Non-current school leaver applicants will be considered on the basis of work experience and educational qualifications.

The Crescent Foundation

The Crescent Foundation is committed to opening tomorrow to those who need it most through initiatives that build a positive, strong and inclusive Australia.

We aim to be strong and positive contributors to four major causes: education for refugees, helping the homeless, contributing to civics youth and democracy and the conservation of Islamic art and culture. We believe in taking positive action in contributing and building a better future for all of us, leaving a positive footprint on our community, our society and our wonderful country.

Educational scholarships are at the center of our commitment. The Crescent Foundation has supported over 20 student scholarships to date, with 6 graduates! These amazing students are now Crescent Scholars, and will no doubt become our country’s future leaders and change-makers.

To student who meet the scholarship criteria, we hope you take the time to apply for the Crescent Foundation Leadership Scholarship, you too can join the amazing Crescent Scholar cohort and gain access not only to the significant financial support that can assist with your university and living expenses, you will also have access to the invaluable opportunity to be mentored by our network of professional that will impart precious life lessons and further develop your professional and personal skills.

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Application and Selection Process

Applicants must provide a statement supporting their application indicating how they believe receiving the scholarship will assist them with their studies and future careers. This statement should give a sufficient explanation of the applicant's background and current circumstances to enable the University to judge their eligibility, need and merit.

Successful applicants will be selected based on their written application, academic potential, ability to meet the criteria, and, where appropriate, performance in an interview before a selection panel.

Further information and how to apply can be found on our High Potential Scholarship page.

Continuing Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipients must remain enrolled at Western.
  • Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 5.